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Thread: Help! Lab won't stop licking his lips!?

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    Help! Lab won't stop licking his lips!?

    Hi all -
    I recently adopted my father's 8-year-old yellow lab. He's great, but has some odd habits. In the evenings when we're just lounging around and he's on the floor, he constantly licks his lips! It's very loud and he can't seem to stop. When he was still living with my dad, I thought we had it narrowed down to smoke allergies (strange, I know), but now that concept is down the tubes because no one in my house smokes. We've also switched him from the junk food my dad was giving him to a natural/holistic brand. Anyone ever see this before???

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    I have two thought. My first thought was CCD (canine compulsive disorder). My second thought was he's just naturally mouthy. In the first case, his enviornment is important. What could be stressing him? Another dog, lack of activity, too much restriction? Those kinds of things need to be looked at. In the second case, maybe a chewable will stop him, or more exercise to tire him out. In both cases, his mental, physical, and social stimulations should be evaluated. That's my guess. Does he only lick when lounging around?

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    I have always heard that lip licking is a sign of nervousness.

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