If your dogs had registered names...
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Thread: If your dogs had registered names...

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    Senior Member nekomi's Avatar
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    May 2008

    If your dogs had registered names...

    What would they be? And why?

    Just a fun thread to daydream a little bit, about all our mutts (or not!) having those fancy-smancy registered names. Who knows, with the new AKC Mixed Breed performance events, we might all find ourselves actually using these names sometime!

    I'd start my registered names with the name of my homestead/farm, which is Hoof and Howl Farm. I know this a carryover from kennel/breeder names and sooooo not necessary for a speutered dog, but hey! It sounds "official" and cool!

    So here we go!

    Willow - Hoof and Howl's Amazing Grace - her name in her previous life was Grace/Gracie, and I think "Amazing Grace" fits because she is so blessed to still be around, having been pulled from the pound just hours before being euthanized. (Plus, I must have a lot of grace to offer her because I continue to live with such a spazzy dog. LOL!)

    Bandit - Hoof and Howl's Heart Bandit - does it have to get any more obvious? Bandit has wrapped his paws into my soul unlike any other dog I've known. Since getting him I have learned the real meaning of a "heart dog".

    Jasper - Hoof and Howl's Jazz Music - his nickname is Jazz or Jazzy, and he indeed makes beautiful music (howling!) so it fits nicely! Plus, it's kind of like improv jazz, living with this boy. You have to be able to think on your feet and go with the flow - with Jasper it's like one big dance and requires a lot of creativity.

    So what about all of you? I can't wait to hear everyone's ideas and reasons! I think we'll learn a lot about each other's dogs this way too.
    Hoof & Howl Farm Sleddogs

    like actual wolfdog scientists that study them and other canines for a living

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    Senior Member ACampbell's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Fort Carson, CO

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Neat idea for a thread. Lacey's registered name is Soluri-Bournes Lacey Von Heike...and boy that's a mouthful.
    Lily, I have no idea...I think it'd be hard for me to pick a name I'd stick with, since we end up moving so much.
    If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

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    Senior Member Keechak's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Wisconsin USA

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    keep in mind that AKC opnly allows 35 Spaces for letters and spaces

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    Senior Member JohnnyBandit's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    How about if our dogs do have fancy smancy registered names?

    My current dog is:

    Call Me Work N Some Magic

    Call me = Kennel name

    Work N = is taken from his grandfather, Olman's Work N Class Man

    Some Magic = ties into his call name.


    Previous dog:
    Call Me Desperado Blue Ace

    Call Me = kennel name

    Desperado = tied into his call name of Bandit

    Blue = he was blue in color

    Ace = no reason it just sounded good at the time.

    Frankly some of my dogs going back a bunch of years I would have to think hard or look up their registered names. I remember all the call names though.

    First dog I named.

    I got him for Christmas when I was seven. Named him myself. Funny I can still remember sitting at the dining room table with my father filling out the AKC paperwork.

    That dogs name was:

    John's Lad with a call name of Laddie

    As I got older I tended to call him Lad.

    I had to put him to sleep on my 21st birthday. Funny how life goes.
    Dog VooDoo Crappola

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    Senior Member Lonewolfblue's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Wenatchee, WA

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Nell is already registered, Whiteroad Nell
    Not sure what I would have for Chloe.
    As for Sonny, he's going to be Sonny de-Light, because he's so bright and cheerfull all the time.

    Shelter dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life then others. Don't pity them...HELP them!

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    Feb 2007

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    I have always tried to come up with something fun for Bridgette, but never have.

    I read somewhere (kennel name's) Jedi Knight and the call name was Luke. Also (kennel name's) Pocket Change and the the call name was Penny. Those always stuck with me because they're really fun!

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    Senior Member poodleholic's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Gulf Coast of FL

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    My dogs' AKC registered names are:

    Carousel's Devine Design
    Call name: Madoline, or Maddy
    aka The Diva, The Devine Miss M

    Britmarc's Grand Slam
    Call name: Beau

    Aris Total Eclipse of My Heart
    Call Name: Lucia

    And Luc, well, he's just Luc! (French spelling for Luke) His previous owner got him from a puppy miller, and was "registered," but not w/AKC.

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    Junior Member Lacey's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Off in my own little world...

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Lucy is registered with the CKC as Avalonia Martinique.

    I don't know what Ursala's registered name would be. Once I get to know her better I may well come back to this.
    My girls!

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    Member MyYorkieHarry's Avatar
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    May 2009

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Harry is registered with the british kennel club name of ( I didn't choose it )... Beautiful Farrah Princess

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    Feb 2009
    Sammamish, WA

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    That's an easy one. Max would be Maximum Overdrive. Pretty self explanitory. LOL

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    Senior Member skelaki's Avatar
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    Nov 2006

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Past dogs:
    Blue (a collie): Blue Shadow's Highland Blue. Blue Shadow was the sire and he was a blue merle collie.

    Misty, a Keeshond: Misty Dawn of Gyzalaar. she was my pet store dog. The name was due to her coloring and the breed's foundation.

    Brady, Collie: Sun Country Beau's Cabaret. Sun Country was the kennel name and Beau the sire.

    Shane, Collie: Sun Country Snowy River Snowy river was part of the breeder's theme that litter

    Major, a GSD Malamute mix: I'm not sure but maybe I'd have named him something along the lines of "I am not a wolf" LOL. With his long legs and amber eyes people often though that he was a wolf.

    Up coming pup *fingers crossed* will either be "StarFire LoupGarou Gratia Plena (Grace) or StarFire LoupGarou Our Gang Comedy (Rascal) depending on which sex I end up getting. This pup will be a Toy Fox Terrier. If a girl, grace is after her Grandmother. And, if a boy, it's to be named based on the breed's personality.

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    Senior Member mandymmr's Avatar
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    May 2009

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    my rottie I had to just put down's registered name is
    Gretta Kathleen roman King
    My doberman's registered name is
    Zeus roman's King

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    Senior Member lovemygreys's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    South Carolina

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    We only get 16 letters for racing names. So far the only pup I've named is Fast Fluffy. Fluffy is used as a "generic" name when talking about a random/unspecific racer and I always knew I'd name my first racer fluffy-something-or-other. I liked the aliteration of Fast Fluffy.

    Our second puppy I hope to name Battleship Bob or Runnin Recon in honor of my dad...but we won't submit names for another few months.

    Our other dogs already have names and I use their racing names for their performance names in case anyone wants to look up their lineage:

    Pin Oak Halley - the racing owner names their dogs Pin Oak <something>
    Crunchtime Casey
    U Too Navy Blue - the racing owner names all their dogs U Too <something>. I'm guessing the "Navy Blue" part is because she's a blue greyhound.
    Fast Movin' Mary
    Jetabb Catfish - racing owner names all their dogs Jetabb <something>. This litter happened to be named after different kinds of fish.
    KGB Bonnie Girl - racing owner's initials are KGB.
    Dana's Black Ink - Part of her mom's name (Grand Dana) and her color (she's black)
    Tame Rocky - Part of his dad's name (Tame Game)
    Lightning Lee - Part of her dad's name (Brett Lee)
    Denim Days
    Rights to Riches
    My Queen Theresa
    Da Big Guy
    Heather and the hounds ~ www.worldofgrey.com
    Make a fast friend, Adopt a Greyhound!

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    Senior Member Renoman's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Actual Registered Names:

    Shundo's Renegade: call name Reno

    Contessa Vom Mittlestadt: call name Tessa

    Vom Mittlestadt's Jazz Man: call name Chazz

    If he were registered, I might choose...

    White Knight to the Rescue: call name Buck

    Run fast, play hard, stay safe
    German Shepherds, anything else is just a dog

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    Senior Member wabanafcr's Avatar
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    Jun 2007

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Let's see...registered names:

    Evensong Prometheus (Sweep)
    Wabana's Bit O'Spring (Bibby)
    Bearstream Am Bernard (Viggo)
    Evensong Little Bit O'Soul (Caillou)
    Evensong Katmandu (Sparrow)
    Tavlsborggaard's Estrella (Cakey)
    Berncroft Blue Pirate (Pearl)
    Lyneholme Muddy Ghillie (Ghillie)
    Berncroft Early Morning Rain (Penny)
    Evensong No Regrets (Jack)
    Rondix Yazoo (Basil)
    Fall Flight's Southpaw (Lefty
    Fall Flight Touch 'Em All (Spike)

    The only one we didn't get to name was Viggo, who came with that name. Our other imports (Basil, Cakey and Ghillie) had litter themes but we had some input. Anyone with Wabana, Evensong or Berncroft were bred by us, and the Fall Flight boys are Viggo's youngest kids.

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2007
    in the mountains of NorCal

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    My dogs have registered names:

    Mudville's Edendale Slugger (Toby) - I'd change this one in a minute if I could. He'd be Edenrock's Tahoe Blue or Edenrock's Tobias Rufflebutt.

    Keepsake's Take a Chance (Cameron)

    Both dogs came from the Edenrock kennels although neither one has the Edenrock name. I really like the breeder. So if I could change their names they'd both be Edenrock.

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    Senior Member
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    Apr 2008

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Their names with the AKC are just:

    Belle Arina G_______
    Penny Candy G_______

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    Senior Member bfoster's Avatar
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    Feb 2009

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    Mine have registered names as well

    Registered name: Hide your heart
    Call name:Eli

    (think 1970's rock--three dog night song)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails If your dogs had registered names...-dsc_0022.jpg

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    Senior Member FourIsCompany's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    New Mexico

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    I've got two of each.

    Registered Names:
    Jaia - RaJaia Vom TeMar
    B'asia - Velma Vom TeMar

    Dream names for the other two:
    Cara - Enchantment Villa's Carmelita - We live in a small New Mexico town and we often call her Carmelita.

    Mia - Happy-Go-Lucky Zia Mia - She is the happiest dog I have even known and the Zia Sun Symbol is on the New Mexico Flag and it rhymes with Mia.
    You can train people, honest; It's just harder than it is with dogs.
    ~Patricia McConnell The Other End of the Leash

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    Senior Member Locke's Avatar
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    Nov 2008

    Re: If your dogs had registered names...

    If Matrix had a registered name it would be (imaginary kennel name) Decipher Me.
    He was supposed to be a guide dog, but was disqualified as he has epilepsy and hip dysplasia, so he doesn't have a kennel name.

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