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Thread: How to stop dog from going out in middle of night?

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    How to stop dog from going out in middle of night?

    My dog is 3.5 years now, house trained of course.
    Problem is, he's always had a weak stomach, so diarhea is not uncommon for him, so every few months or so he will get it, and have to be let out a couple times a night.

    Well, now it seems to have become habit.
    At around 3-4AM he is going outside to go to the bathroom, and he obviously thinks it is okay. It's not diarhea.

    How do I handle this?
    I mean, because he DOES get diarhea, the last thing I want to wake up to is a mess if I ignore him. I have ignored him, and about 2 out of the 4 times he goes and lies down. But two of the time he sits there and paws at the door. Finally after about 5-6 paws over a few minutes, I let him out.

    How do I stop this habit? Should I just not let him out and if he makes a mess he makes a mess?

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    out in middle of the night

    Do his bowels move when you let him out in the middle of the night (when he isn't being bothered by the diarhhea)? Have you changed his feeding schedule recently? Do you feed once or twice/day? Have you tried other dogfood for his stomach problems?

    I would be reluctant to ignore him, after all, we work so very hard to get them to let us know when they want to go out. On the other hand, if he just has decided that being outside in the middle of the night is pretty cool, (which is what my dog Max would decide) you have an entirely different problem.

    I guess, I would probably approach it by working on the feeding schedule so that elimination occurs before bed time. I am sure there are more experienced people here who might have a better idea. Virginia

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    Have you talked to a vet about what is causing his gi distress?

    First, I would do everything I could to avoid anything that remotely could give this dog gi problems, whatever his issue is.

    Second, depending on the size of the dog, perhaps two smaller meals each day would be better. And I agree with giving the last feeding with enough time to eliminate before bed. If the vet approves, I would try some real, live culture yogurt with meals to re-populate and maintain normal gut flora (bacteria that processes food).

    Also, you might ask your vet if there is something you can give the dog if he does have diarrhea so that you don't have to get up more than the first time at night.

    I do believe that this is probably becoming a learned behavior for your dog. We had a shepherd x that we got as a very young pup from a shelter. She really did need to go out at night at first. But by the time she was 4-5 months old, the routine was getting a little out of hand. We finally just had to move her crate to the far end of the house (luckily it was summer so we put her in the garage in a crate) and let her cry it out. We woke up to a mess in the crate a few mornings but it didn't take long for her to catch on.

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    That's what I'm saying, he would never go out in the middle of the night, but I guess he thinks he's now allowed, and likes to take a late night poop, lol.
    I'm not sure if he's going to the bathroom, I believe so though. mind you last night was a very quick trip, so I doubt it for last night.
    He's a bullmastiff.
    I feed him 3 times a day.
    Nothing has changed what so ever.
    Mind you, his coat has been shedding excessively over the last couple months, maybe they have some kind of connection.
    We've switched foods a few times, this one seems to be good for him thus far.

    I guess you are right, ignoring it is not a good idea, because he won't understand why we are ignoring him.

    I was thinking of putting him back in his kennel overnight.

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