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Thread: Success with dog-insecurity-aggression training!

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    Success with dog-insecurity-aggression training!

    Maybe it's a small step, but it's an important step.

    I've posted before about Lucy having issues with insecurity-based dog aggression. Some of y'all gave me some really good advice about my anxiety and the leash, and ideas to curb her.

    I've been taking Lucy to her old obedience class for refresher, and to work on her issues. I spoke with the trainers about it, and we worked-out a plan for her. Instead of learning the commands (which she pretty much knows), I focus on Lucy's interest in other dogs. If she so much as sniffs toward another dog, she gets corrected. If she looks too long at another dog, she gets corrected. She gets high praise when she ignores other dogs, and/or is focused on me.

    It's working!! We went to the beach yesterday, and she was actually friendly with other dogs she met. She was on-leash, and a lot of loose dogs came to meet her, and she mostly ignored them, or was just curious. She followed my corrections, and no incidents occurred. Then, I came upon two ladies walking three dogs, who suggested I let Lucy play with them. I told the owners that she was working on aggression-issues, and they were still fine with their dogs meeting her, and she was great! I let her off the leash to play fetch with them when she made play-overtures, and the owners were agreeable. It was so wonderful. When it was time to turn back, I called her and she came, and went back on-leash. Sigh.

    One dog she saw later, she started getting growly about, even from a distance, so she stayed on her leash, and I put her thru her heel, sit, lay... over and over, until she couldn't focus on both the dog AND me, and she mellowed-out. I can never figure-out what it is about certain dogs that she gets weird about. This was a male yellow lab, running loose.

    I know this isn't a cure-all, and that she will have backslides... but she was so dang good, it gives me hope.
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    Re: Success with dog-insecurity-aggression training!

    congrats!! the positive experiences playing with other dogs will do wonders for her I'm sure!
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    Re: Success with dog-insecurity-aggression training!

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Success with dog-insecurity-aggression training!

    Isn't it GREAT when you have the first noticable improvement? I spent six long weeks getting Bubba over his dog-dog aggression. Now we've had about a dozen perfect encounters, and one relapse. Good work!!!

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