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Thread: Snorting Husky

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    Snorting Husky

    Here is something strange.

    Snorting in a dog is usually due to sneezing. However we have a Husky that snorts when a stranger comes very close. She is not snorting due to something in her nose. She snorts to intimidate intuders. This is hilarious to us, but people really think we have a pet pig.

    Has anyone else heard of a dog doing this?

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    Sounds pretty interesting. I've never heard of that before, but it could be some sort of learned behavior. It may be wise to snap her out of it, and redirect her attention before it turns into a bite.

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    My corgi pup does this when he's impatient lol... Like if I'm holding him for something such as to brush him or clip his nails, etc. It's like his "I don't want to wait for this" noise lmfao... I pretty much ignore it, but his doesn't have anything to do with protectiveness.

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