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Thread: papillons ears wont stay up ( with help from pet cat)

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    papillons ears wont stay up ( with help from pet cat)

    Hi, we have a 6 month old Papillon who did have both ears stand up as they should. She plays with our cat and they both tug on each others ears .We try to stop them but not always fast enough . Our paps ears were up, then the cat pulled one down, it went up again and it seemed to be ok . This past week the ear was down again. Im worried that it wont come up this time and the ears are the most beautiful feature of the papillon. We have been trying to keep the two from playing so rough be we are not always fast enough. Does anyone know anything about helping the ear up again. She is a small dog and it seems that her ears look bigger then they should be. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Years ago when my mom and I first got our long haired chihuahua her one ear drooped. At about age 1 it popped up on its own.

    I don't have any advice, you could ask your vet perhaps they have experience with this. I know large breed dogs sometimes tape their ears with cardboard to help them stay up but I don't know if this would work with a small dog.

    I always liked the one droopy ear!

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    sounds to me like she is still just going thru the final stages of the teething phase and that the ears will stand on their own when she's done might find that they stand on their own by about 8 mo.....

    but, yeah, check w/ your vet
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    I have two Papillons. Both have standing ears. Keep in mind, hen the ears are down, a Papillon is actually classified as a Phalene - somehwat like a norwich can be a norfolk terrier.

    Sometimes, it's all in the ears.

    Also, when pups are in and around their teething period, ears can do funny things.

    Phalene Information
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