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Thread: Is cat litter safe for dogs to use?

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    Is cat litter safe for dogs to use?

    Trying to find something that my dog will 'like' to pee on. We live in an apartment, she's supposed to pee in the house, and that's what we want, as long as it's in her designated pee area.

    She does pee in the pee tray (over a grate), but only does it in the tray once. If it is not cleared, she will do it somewhere else (on the floor). If there's poo on the tray, she'll also opt to pee on the floor. I tried pee pads and she can try to squeeze 4 puddles on 1 pad, but if nobody's home she will shred it. She loves shredding pee pads. Newspapers are fine for her too, but then we have problem with tracking.

    I'd like to try cat litter (absorbs pee, can't be shredded, soft gravel like surface which she might prefer to pee on). Is it safe for dogs?
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    Re: Is cat litter safe for dogs to use?

    Here is a great link .... I am also thinking of using this method for Eddee ..... It says they sell an actual dog litter product.

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    Re: Is cat litter safe for dogs to use?

    I think the dog specific litter is just paper based, so you could buy something like Yesterday's News or another paper based cat litter. I wouldn't buy most types of cat litter because they could clump up if the dog ate it and cause problems.

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    Re: Is cat litter safe for dogs to use?

    I *think* there's a reason not to use standard cat litter for dogs, but I can't recall what it is. (Or maybe it's just you're not supposed to use it with puppies, a dust and eyes issue.)

    Either way, pine pellets are dog-safe. Feline Pine if you only have a pet store, "pine pellets" if you have a feed or tackle store. I recommend the feed store if possible because it is RIDICULOUSLY cheaper. You will need a special litter box to get the most out of this litter though. It's a two-part system with a grated top part and a solid bottom. The pellets turn to sawdust when exposed to give the litter box a shake and the dust falls through to the bottom while the still-intact pellets stay on top.

    Speaking from experience, get the specialized box. To replace the pellets in a standard box you either waste a lot of time manually separating the dust from the pellets or a lot of money by dumping out pellets with the dust.
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