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Thread: Dog attacks other dog for no reason

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    Dog attacks other dog for no reason

    Help please!!!!
    I have an almost 3 yo rottie female that keeps attacking our almost 2 yo female lab. Both are fixed. She gets very angry at her at times and it's very clear that the rottie is the dominate dog outside. We have another rottie male that is also outside and she never attacks him.

    The other day I came in from outside and Bristol (the lab) was laying in the grauge and a few seconds latter I heard a dog attack. I walked out and Maggie (the rottie) was biting her nose. I don't know what to do to stop this. Maggie is one of the best dogs I've ever had and follows commands great and is the best dog around the kids but she can't get along with Bristol. And everytime Maggie attacks Bristol Bristol just lays there.

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    Re: Dog attacks other dog for no reason

    Usually once females start fighting, they just don't stop :/. You'll have to keep them separated or you'll probably come home to a dead dog one day.

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    Re: Dog attacks other dog for no reason

    There's not no reason, there's no reason you can see, as a human. Dogs don't act at random.

    Willowy is right, females are known for fighting, and it tends to be vicious. It's never a good idea to leave dogs alone unattended, but in this case, you MUST separate them, or at least one dog will die.

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    Re: Dog attacks other dog for no reason

    There's always a reason for a fight.
    Try getting an expert to evaluate your dogs to get to the bottom of it. But, in the mean time, don't leave them alone together.

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