poop eating
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Thread: poop eating

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    Question poop eating

    hi all

    i am sure this has been addressed here before but it is new to my daughters yorkie he is 2.8 years old and has just started this habit. what brings this on all of a sudden he never even did this a little when he was younger.. thank you for any insight . Also what can be done about this?


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    First someone needs to take him to the vet to rule out any health problems. Sometimes when a dog starts this bad habit their are missing something in their diet. And sometimes it can be a bad habit which is called Coprophagy. You can get stuff to apply to his food that makes his stool unappealing.

    These are just few things that help stop stooling eating.
    Dr.Foster and Smith- For-Bid and Dis-Taste
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    I've read you can put a bit of crushed pineapple in their food and it tastes awful on the way out! >^^;< But yes, I'd see a vet first to check for deficiencies...

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    Couldn't you just clean up the poop? Of course, check with the vet first, but if your dog is eating poop, I would think the first step would be to make sure that she has no access to it.

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    This Becomes Just A Bad Habit Like We Biting Our Nails, Smoking, Etc. Keep All Bm's Picked Up To Discourage This And He Will Quit. Give Him A Tennis Ball Or Tire Him Out Playing So He Does Not Become Bored To Develope Bad Habits. I Have Had This Happen To A Few And Just Picked Up The Mess And They Soon Started To Forget About Eating It And Playing Instead. And Good Suggestions Of Putting Distaste In The Food Etc. This Helps Stop It.


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    are you feeding your dog table scraps? I have heard of dogs doing this when they eat tablescraps. Are you the person with the yorkie?

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    All dogs do it, it's perfectly normal. Disgusting, but normal. More than likely, it's cat poop. Cat's eat fish, and the smell is attracting to dogs.

    The only thing you can do is keep a close eye on your dog, or clean up the cat poop. My dog does it ALL the time, no matter what punishment she gets. It's gotten to the point where I can't let her go outside to go potty by herself anymore. I always have to keep an eye on her.

    It's not something you need to take your dog to the vet for. Unless he starts vomiting blood, or not eating. As long as he has all his vaccinations, he should be ok.

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