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Thread: How to make my dog grow fatter

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    How to make my dog grow fatter

    I have a JRT dog. Now he's 1 years + 2 months.
    He eats well & sleep well, & also very active, just that his weight never gain.
    It been almost 3 months from now his weight is still remain as 5kg.
    To me he's thin, cox when touch his body i can feel the bones , not flesh.

    Is there any thing to do with the food that i feed him?
    I only feed him dry food , no tin or can food.
    I feed him the dry food with some milk, kind like cereal.
    If without milk, he will not eat .

    Please help.

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    Re: How to make my dog grow fatter

    Get a vet check done and take a stool sample along to check for parasites too.
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    Re: How to make my dog grow fatter

    Cow's milk is not good for dogs. He shouldn't be getting milk on a daily basis. I recommend plain yogurt instead. That will help with his digestion anyway.

    Personally, I would take him to a vet and see what they have to say about his weight. It's impossible for us to tell if he's too skinny or not without any pictures of him. Here is a good chart though:

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    Re: How to make my dog grow fatter

    If after having him checked by the Vet their is no medical cause for him not gaining weight the one thing I would suggest is adding a little raw tripe to his diet (it smells but it does put on the weight) , but I would only give him this occasionally as im my opinion if a dog is healthy then better a lean dog than an overweight one which only leads to lots of heath problems) also def no cows milk . If giving milk then it should be goats milk. I use natual yoghurt if I notice loose stools and this works for mine. Hope this helps.
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