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Thread: How often should a 3 year old dog pee???

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    How often should a 3 year old dog pee???

    Lady (our black lab) is trained to pee outside. But how much is to much? On a normal day she will go out to pee 6 times a day. She will wake us up to pee at 2 am, 5am and 11pm. My mom says we should just take her because at least she not doing it in the house. My mother believes that her food and water bowls should be full all the time. So they are full 24/7. We feed her healthy dog food so she poos once or twice a day.

    This is causing a rift in our house because we work and are asleep and she wants us to get up and take the dog out. She is sick so she cant handle Lady jerking or walking fast.
    If I show her something on a forum like this she will believe it.


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    Re: How often should a 3 year old dog pee???

    Personally the first thing I would do is have the dog seen by a vet to rule out any health issues such as kidney or bladder infections and the sort whether from age or just because. Having your Mother read some things on the forum are never a bad thing. Normally a dog should be able to hold its bladder for 1 hour per each month it is old as a puppy. Once they are an adult it should change to being able to hold it over night. My adult dogs go out as I see fit which is about four to five times during day time hours and sleep all night from approximately 11 pm. until 7 am. unless they are having issues with their health, such as the runs or are a little under the weather, then I get up and take them out. I would say a vet check would be the first step IMO.

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    Re: How often should a 3 year old dog pee???

    First, STOP free feeding. Some dogs have no issues and only eat when they need to, but many, many dogs eat too much when they free feed. Also, it can cause problems with knowing when your dog really needs to potty.

    I wouldn't limit water, though, except to take it up in the late evening. That might eliminate some of the middle of the night pees. It's kind of the same as with a toddler or small child, you don't give them stuff to drink before bed, so they don't wet the bed. So, maybe, stop letting your dog have water 1 -1.5 hours before bed.

    But, I agree, a vet check would help!

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    Re: How often should a 3 year old dog pee???

    I agree with the vet check.
    An adult dog should be able to hold it overnight if you take her out in the late evening. Mine go out about 8pm-10pm for the last time and then about 7am the next morning. I could see 6am or maybe 5am if they went out early the previous evening but an adult dog should be able to make it past 2am. A crate may help to eliminate the chance of her going in the house at 2am.

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