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Thread: Sneezing too much ??

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    Sneezing too much ??


    My puppy has started sneezing. She has sneezed before but it was never this consistent. It seems she has two types of sneezes one that snot? comes out and one that is dry.

    This just started yesterday. We are in the the middle of moving so we took her to day care for for half a day. That was where we heard her sneeze once. We didnt think about it .. after that we went to Petco and came home. After we got home from Petco the sneezing got bad. 5 to 6 in a row none stop. After about 15 minutes or so it slowed down but she still sneezed once or twice in a row.

    When we woke up this morning the sneezing continued for about 5 minutes. I got a HEPA air purifier and vacuumed at that point it seemed to get a little better but after a couple of hours it started up again.

    The thing is that we went to a BBQ today and she didnt sneeze at all while we were out. But as soon as we got back home the sneezing started again not as bad but she is still sneezing inside of the house and on walks. When she is in the middle or right after a sneeze attack it seems like she is taking shallow breaths.

    We also gave her a shower which again seemed to help but after a little while its starts again for a few minutes then stops. It may be allergies .. but we are not sure if maybe there was something else we could try. She has a history of allergies and we were told by the VET to give her children's Bynedryll, one in the morning and one in the evening / 12 hours apart.

    Her nose is not bloody and she is not coughing anything up. She is active and eating good. If it gets worse we don't have a problem taking her to the Emergency Clinic but if we can try something at home / control it .. we would prefer to take her to her normal vet.

    Any one have any ideas?
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    Re: Sneezing too much ??

    This has been a bad year for allergies, because of the hot, dry weather. If just sneezing, does sound like allergies. If no nose scratching or reverse sneezing/wheezing, then it doesn't sound like an internal irritation.

    I'm assuming that Petco is a non-issue, but moving could raise lots of dust, dustmites, etc.

    I'm surprised that the Benadryl doesn't help ?

    I do recommend the normal Vet, if things haven't gotten better... And ask the Vet about these nonconventional treatments:
    1. Ice pack on her nose to cool it a little... to help reduce inflammation. But don't force it.
    2. Give cold or ice water to drink for the same reason.
    3. A little peppermint tea (without sugar) works for people, not sure about dogs ???
    4. Eliminate snacks and Slowly improve the quality of dog food. Change from one brand to another over the course of a week and try the new food for at least a month, trying to eliminate corn and wheat products. You might try one of the expensive Lamb/rice or Salmon dog foods. Then, go for a high quality Organic dog food. Usually, the Vet carry a non-allergenic food, but Vets aren't usually well-trained in nutrition, so may not have specific suggestions.

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