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Thread: How big will dog get?

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    How big will dog get?

    My Shih Tzu is about 5 lb at 11 weeks of age...the breeder said the mom was 9 pounds and the dad was 7 lb, but at this point I highly doubt that (I chose not to see them). He is a fabulous dog and I don't care one way or the other about his size, but I am curious as to what to expect. If you had a dog that was about 5lb at 11 weeks, how big did he/she get at adulthood? Thanks!

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    Re: How big will dog get?

    I have two small Shih Tzu, one is seven pounds, the other eight. They weighed less than four pounds at three months. At five pounds, I would expect them to grow to about ten pounds. People quite often under estimate the weight of their dogs as they think it makes them more saleable. Both of mine are actually below the standard for the Shih Tzu, they should be bigger and they were not the runts of the litter.

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    Re: How big will dog get?

    I think he will probably be at least 10lbs, maybe 11 full grown. My pup was 3.9lbs at 11 weeks and is about 7lbs now at 7 months old. He will finish at about 8-9lbs, I think.

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    Re: How big will dog get?

    not sure, i just wanted to add that i know loads of 15lb shihs

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