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Thread: The new puppy cold feet

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    The new puppy cold feet

    So this Saturday I am going and viewing 2 little pups that are left from a litter, they are just over 8 weeks old so providing I see the "Ad" is legitimate and the pups are healthy there's no reason for me not to come back with one. But as I am sure you can imagine I am going between being incredibly excited to a little scared?

    Trust me, I have done SO much research into this, I thought about what I wanted from a dog then researched into all types a breeds that would fit that. I've also looked at shelter dogs but didn't feel I was able to find what I wanted in a dog, I'd like to add I also have a shelter dog that we adopted, so some rescue dogs I was looking at did not get on well with other dogs. I've been doing lots more research into the different training techniques when you bring your puppy home, crate training, getting your pup out of play biting, leash training, a lot. I am aware I will probably lack sleep and 100% of my time and focus will be on this pup and I am more then dedicated to doing this.

    As well as making a little Amazon list of all the stuff for this little pup from toys to lots of health care needs like ear cleaning and dental stuff.
    I don't even have any real reason to be scared or doubt my ability to do this, i guess i'm being a bit of a wuss about it all.

    Also photo is of the 2 pups that are left that i am viewing(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

    AND this is my lovely little rescue dog called Phoenix
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    Re: The new puppy cold feet

    Out of all the breeds out there, the CKCS is probably within the top 3 of breeds that I would demand the most genetic testing on and be the most diligent in researching breeders. Their genetics problems top the lists among breeds. Pups appearing as healthy tells you not much at all.

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    Re: The new puppy cold feet

    Don't just take the breeder's word for it that they are healthy. Ask to see hard copies of the actual test results. A good breeder will be happy to show them to you. This is the link to the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. Lovely dogs, but they do have some pretty serious issues.
    Ilka Of Pear Orchard Cemetery BN RE CA CGC ETD PKD-T CRO-1 NCO-1 ADP-L3 D-CRO-Preliminary (All American)
    CA Speed Queen Leontine Von Washateria ATD PKD-T D-CRO-Preliminary ADP-L3 (GSD)
    Lily Dale- A Melody Unchained ATD PKD-T ADP-L3 (APBT)

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    Re: The new puppy cold feet

    awww, they are so loovely. <3

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    Re: The new puppy cold feet

    I have always wanted a cavalier but their health problems have kept me from getting one definitely make sure the parents are health tested
    they are such sweet dogs!

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    Re: The new puppy cold feet

    I would definitely do just as much research on that breeder as you have done on the breed itself. CKCS are known for having many health issues. Debilitating and deadly health issues. Make sure the breeder is don't health tests, and ask to see the paperwork!

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