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Thread: Lapses in housebreaking: normal right?

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    Lapses in housebreaking: normal right?

    My dog has been trained and going outside consistently for a few weeks now (I'd say about a month with no accidents) -- been doing a GREAT job! This morning, he let a little pee slip while eating his breakfast (I usually take him out to potty before breakfast as soon as he wakes up, and directly after breakfast -- he does pee and poo both times he's taken out usually).

    Do you just continue on with your normal routine, or take things back a step if there is a slip up?

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    Re: Lapses in housebreaking: normal right?

    Yes, slip-ups and "backsliding" are normal. Just like with toilet training a child, house training a dog is rarely a straight line from A to B. There are just too many possible variables including but not limited to adolescent forgetfulness, changes in the household, or medical conditions that affect the training. Whether to just stick to the current routine or tke a step or two back depends on circumstances. If it's basically a one off mistakethen I'd stick to the routine. But, if thd dog seems confused or if chages in the environment are affecting the dog's schedule then I'd take a step or two back.

    In other words basically do what you feel is in the dog's best interest.

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    Re: Lapses in housebreaking: normal right?

    Yeah, slip-ups and a little back-sliding are normal. Because my boyfriend and I have rather sporatic schedules, our puppy would have her accidents whenever our routine was radically changed.

    Dogs are remarkably adaptable, though, and it is much better now.

    I am an advocate of "back to the basics" when she starts to slack on any aspect of her training, be it potty training or sit-stay-come, or whatever. Go back to the routine you had when she was learning to go outside.

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