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Thread: Bored and chewing door mouldings

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    Bored and chewing door mouldings

    Hey guys
    We have adopted a staffy bull terrier at 5 months. He is now 8 months. For the most part he is with the wife for the days as she brings him to her office. There is only one day a week where he has to stay home. We would love to give him the run of the house but be like to chew things even when he has many many toys. So we out him in the laundry room with his bed and toys and water. We come back and the door moulding is chewed up, I don't want to change the moulding out yet as he will likely chew the new moulding. We have tried the bitter spray and it doesn't seem to deter him. He has plenty of toys and everything. Any tips on this??

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    Re: Bored and chewing door mouldings

    Crates are the safest way for chewers to be contained during the day. As much as you want him to have free run of the house, clearly his maturity level isn't there yet. Allowing him to continue chewing and swallowing the moulding could cause a blockage or splinters to lodge in his trachea, stomach or intestines. Both of those are potentially fatal conditions. It's safer for him and for your home for him to be crated whenever he's left unsupervised.

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    Re: Bored and chewing door mouldings

    I would get a crate at once. If he likes to eat houses, a crate is probably going to be the only way to stop this from happening unless you have a room with cement floors, walls, and metal doors. Like Hiraeth said, it is dangerous for the dog to eat houses, and you could get a hefty vet bill if blockages have to be removed.

    Other than the crate, the only tips I can offer is make sure he is properly exercised before you leave. That way he will be more inclined to sleep than chew. Leave a stuffed, frozen Kong for him to chew on. You can even put part of his meal in food dispensing toys. When you are around to supervise, praise him for using his chew toys instead of the house.

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    Re: Bored and chewing door mouldings

    You're right that he's probably bored, but he's also still at that age where his teeth are still coming in and all he wants to do is chew on things. Have you worked on teaching him what to chew (instead of trying to teach him all the things he's not supposed to chew on)?

    The easiest solution is to crate him when you're not home. Feel free to use the biggest crate that you can find/fit. Regardless of the size of crate you us, introduce him to it slowly and make it the most amazing and positive experience. Here is a good article on how to do it by Karen Pryor. And this is the best article I have found in terms of specifics of how to teach your dog to enjoy the crate. (It's not perfect, but it's the one I have agreed with the most, so far.)

    Crate or no, stuffed and frozen Kong toys, bones, and other long-lasting edible chews, will be very useful for keeping him busy while he's alone.

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