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Thread: How many hours between meals for 8 wk old pom?

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    How many hours between meals for 8 wk old pom?

    I'm going to adopt a Pomeranian puppy in about a week from my neighbor and I'm trying to figure out how I can have a good feeding schedule for her. At first I didn't think it would be a problem but now that I've been reading articles in preparation of having a new puppy I'm getting worried. I've read that they should be fed 3-4 times a day. I'm worried because I'm at school from 10-6, two days a week. My husband works full time but his typical schedule is 7-4, although sometimes earlier or later depending on how far away he is working. Luckily I'm working at home so its just 2 days I'm worried about. If I feed her soon before I leave like at 9:30 am and my husband feeds her around 4 pm is this way too long for her to wait? Is there any kind of schedule that would work for us or should I just leave out food and deal with the mess when we get home? Her current owner just leaves food out at all times but I think it will make housebreaking a pain. I don't want to get a puppy if I can't take care of it properly. My neighbor is about to get evicted for having pets and is planning on giving the puppies to the animal shelter, so I'm worried what will happen if I don't take at least one of the puppies.

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    Re: How many hours between meals for 8 wk old pom?

    Congrats on your pup! Your schedules sound fine to me. Feed her 3 times when shes a pup and eventually just 2. When your husband wakes up he should take puppy out and feed her breckfast so lets say meal one is 630AM. Or you could do meal number one before you leave at 930. You could then feed her a small meal when you get home at 4, then a late dinner at like 8ish. Just a thought. She will be fine however you decide to do it.

    930-4 that is no big deal your pup will not starve to death! You are right about not free feeding her, it will be so much easier to house train with a set schedule.

    Good luck, and remember not to stress too much - don't go into this being a big worry wart - its gonne be work, but fun!

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    Re: How many hours between meals for 8 wk old pom?

    Your schedule sounds fine, because it works with your husband's. Just feed her in the morning maybe at 8am. This will give the dog an hour to pee/defacate. Then, your husband should feed the dog right when he gets home. And then feed the dog at 8pm.

    Also, I'm sure your neighbor is willing to help out.

    Gizmo & Booboo

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