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Thread: husky pup (6months old) keeps using carpets as toilet.

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    husky pup (6months old) keeps using carpets as toilet.

    this is my first post on this forum.
    My husky pup is 6 months, and keeps going to the toilet on my downstairs carpets, even after she has been let out to go to the toilet, which I take her out to do every few hours or when she shows she needs out, but will still go to the toilet when she comes back in.
    I have tried using vanilla extract on the carpets to mask her scent but it didnt work.
    My carpets are ruined as I have been cleaning them daily with carpet cleaners.she does it worse after I have cleaned them.
    my partner thinks it is a way of showing her dominance over me, but Im the dominant in everything else, and she does listen to me when i tell her commands.She just refuses to stop using the carpets as her toilet.
    I dont want to have to let her be an outside dog but im running out of options and ideas to make her stop.
    Is there any reason why she is doing this?
    any answers will be welcome.

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    Re: husky pup (6months old) keeps using carpets as toilet.

    She's doing this because she's never been properly housetrained. You need to go back to potty training 101 just like you would with a young puppy, and never EVER let her out of your sight unless she's confined somehow. Follow the advice in this sticky: (Housetraining How To.....) and you should see results fairly quickly.

    Note: I'm assuming, because of your wording, that she's always done this. If not, and this is a new behavior, you should get her in to the vet for a checkup. It could be a bladder infection.

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    Re: husky pup (6months old) keeps using carpets as toilet.

    The reason is, she is not housetrained.

    And, you can forget dominance. Dominance theory was based off of captive wolf packs with wolves who didn't even know one another (ie. not useful in interpreting dog's behavior to humans). Here is an article explaining it:

    To put it simply, she is not house-trained. Go back to house training 101.
    1. Dog is let outside every hour, if you can.
    2. Dog is not allowed to roam the house unsupervised
    3. Dog must be in the kennel when you can't watch her OR tied to you (put a leash on her and the other end wrapped around your belt loop) so that you are always supervising her, 100%.
    4. When she does go pee/poop outside you need to praise her with tons of rewards. Bring treats outside, when she pees/poops you have a party with her. Jump. praise, make noises, run around, feed her lots of yummy treats. Going to the bathroom outside must be more fun than going inside
    5. If she goes inside, no scolding (just in case you are). Just quietly clean it up without saying anything.
    6. Clean up her messes that are inside with an enzymatic cleaner (this gets the "pee here!" message out of the carpet where she went). Vanilla won't cover anything up. It will just smell like pee and vanilla to her. Use a real enzymatic pet cleaner, for example, Nature's Miracle.

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    Re: husky pup (6months old) keeps using carpets as toilet.

    Thanku very much,
    I didn't know that about the dominance theory, but am glad i now do.
    I will take your advice and change how we have been doing things.
    thanku again, especially as was such a quick reply

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