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Thread: Need help... puppy barking non-stop when alone...

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    Need help... puppy barking non-stop when alone...

    About 1 month ago, I picked up my Tamaskan Dog.
    He is an awesome breed. Very expensive. He was 10 weeks old when I picked him up, and so now he is 3 months and 1 week.

    He is incredibly smart, responsive, happy. He knows simple commands, his name, he is already housebroken.

    My only remaining problem is that he still barks and cries and struggles when I leave him in his crate.
    I have tried leaving for short periods of time and rewarding his quiet.
    I have done this over and over, even trying to desensitize him to the sound of my front door.

    He is FINE hanging out in his crate, or in the other room. He does not have to always be in my sight. He is growing in terms of independence... as long as he knows I am around he is cool. He doesn't constantly follow me everywhere, he doesn't chew or destroy things. He sleeps through the night with NO issue. He hangs out in his crate for FUN and will go hang out in there with the door closed when I am home, even when I am in the other room.

    It's when I leave that things become obnoxious. My initial reaction was to let him cry it out and get used to the routine. However, I live in an apartment. My neighbors have complained to the point where I had to put him in daycare... and he will have to go to daycare every day until my work schedule changes (April 1). Besides, I don't want my dog to spend 8 hours a day (4 in the AM, then I come home, walk him, hang out for awhile and go back to work for 4 more) being an anxious mess. This dog is going to skijor, snowshoe and hike with me all year long when he is older. I'm going to need his love and support and willingness. I don't want to screw him up.

    My question is, what now? Am I undoing crate training because I am putting him in daycare while I am at work? Is it a GOOD thing that I am putting him in daycare (I trust the owners very much, they are good friends of mine and have an incredible facility and it is NOT expensive for me), or am I doing undue damage to the mental stability of my dog?

    I'm new to this dog daycare thing. Because I live in an apartment, I can either do that, or send him away for 6 weeks to a training kennel. I refuse to subject a little puppy to a shock collar. The electronic audio frequency devices have been useless and he is just not responding to the "go away for 5, then 10, then 20 minutes" approach. Is he too young to be expected to shut his furry pie hole for that long?

    Any advice/info would be appreciated. This is really disenchanting. If I didn't have neighbors I'm not sure I'd care but I'm bothered a lot and I am not sure if I am doing everything right. I NEVER respond to him when he barks or cries, I am not enabling him.

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    Re: Need help... puppy barking non-stop when alone...

    That's actually the same problem I've been having. I was hoping it was because my puppy is still adjusting but I'm a little worried to hear that this has been going on for a month with your puppy! I live in an apartment too and have been considering dog daycare. He's only home for 4 hours max everyday and gets walked/played with for two hours in the morning and over two hours at night. I have no clue how he gets enough energy to bark because I'm sharing the walking with my sister and I'm always exhausted. Hope someone pitches in with some advice!

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    Re: Need help... puppy barking non-stop when alone...

    When you leave him alone in the crate do you leave anything with him? Toys, chews, etc? Frozen, stuffed kongs are great. We stuff ours with peanut butter, and freeze overnight. It gives them something to do while you're gone. Of course, it won't take the whole 4 hour stretch, but it's a start.

    You say you've tried to condition him to the crate by leaving him for short periods of time, how short? Some dogs that really don't like the crate may need to start with just 2-3 minutes or LESS in the crate, alone, before increasing the time. And, when you increase, it may need to be in short increments, like 1 minute. If you're trying 5, then, 10, then 15 that may be too much, too soon.

    Start by giving him the kong, or something else he likes, in the crate, shutting the door and leaving for 1 minute. If that works, do that, several times a day, for a few days, BEFORE increasing the time. When you do increase, try just another minute or so. LISTEN to your dog, if you make an increase, and he freaks out, then go back to a shorter time. If it seems like 1 minute was too easy and he was fine, then try 3 minutes. You have to adjust for what works with your dog.

    How much exercise is your dog getting? And how much training? A dog that is mentally and physically tired will be more likely to be quieter in the crate. Also, exercise will reduce some of the stress hormones, and might keep him calmer.

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