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Thread: sleeping in her bed

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    sleeping in her bed

    How do I get/train my 2 year old cocker/lab dog to sleep in her own bed. I have recently started to let my dog who is about as tall as a cocker spaniel sleep in my bed with me. It wouldn't be a problem if she didn't take up my whole full size bed. I keep waking up every couple of hours and am so tired the next day. Since I have moved back in with my parents, Lexi, my dog has also been sleeping in my dad's California King size bed but she can't be sleeping in there every night. Last night we were able to get her in her own bed but after my dad left my bedroom and I turned off the light she was back on my bed. When she got on the bed, she was in a spot were I thought was fine but again I woke up a couple of times. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get her to sleep in her own bed it would be very much apperiated.

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    Re: sleeping in her bed

    the size of the bed doesn't matter. you could start out sleeping in the middle of the california king and by morning you will be right on the edge with the dog next to you enjoying the rest of the bed.
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    Re: sleeping in her bed

    You teach her that she can only be on the bed with your permission, otherwise, it's off limits. Alternatively, you can teach her that the bed is now a forbidden zone...she can never be up there...ever.

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