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Thread: How do I keep my dog out of my garden???

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    How do I keep my dog out of my garden???

    Any suggestions. Short of installing a fence?? I can go out and train her with the clicker and she will stay out but it seems as soon as she get wound up/playing she forgets the boundaries. I am almost to the point of putting in a fence but I would really like to avoid the expense if I can avoid it.
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    This won't help but we just spent the weekend putting up a fence all round the flower beds to stop our 15 week old pup from COMPLETELY DESTROYING the garden! Now all we've got to do is train her not to dig holes in the lawn....

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    You could try stringing a clothsline in the "preferred" area and attaching a long leash to it that you could clip to the collar when you let the dog out.

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    How do I keep.....

    I use a cable like Briteday suggested. It attaches to a post and the the garage and is about 50 feet long, attached to it with a pulley is another cable with a collar clip. It gives Max a long area to wander. One problem though, I thought he was going to break his neck when he went after a deer and hit the end of the cable. Virginia

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