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Thread: my 11 month old dog pees in the house and the crate

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    my 11 month old dog pees in the house and the crate

    So here we go, rosa is an 11 month old staffordshire terrier and i love her. In the morning i wake up there is normaly pee in her crate or poop. i wake up around 8:30 go to the crate tell her no. she puts her head down then i take her out. I come back in the apt clean her crate. play with her for a bit then go to work. a dog sitter comes to play with her and take her out for about 2 hours. Around 7 i get home. she is excited to see me. we play a little bit and i take her out. I feed her around 8 oclock. between the time i take her out and she eats, if i cook food or get on the computer or the phone she'll pee. she knows shes done something wrong, i tell her no and take her out. after i feed her i wait half an hour before i can take her out. I go to bed around 2 oclock so right before then shell pee in the house again. it seems like when ever i am away from her or not giving her attention is when she pees. ARH!! what do i do. im losing my mind and my confidence as a dog owner. someone please help me help rosa. aside from that shes amazing.

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    If you've punished her for going in the house, she is probably holding it until you are'nt around or are'nt paying attention in an attempt to avoid punishment. In addition, scolding her after the fact won't teach her anything.

    If you're not doing so already, put her on a strict feeding schedule. Restrict her water for the night about 2hrs before her final potty break. Remove any absorbable material from her crate. Make sure her crate is the appropriate size...she should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortable but it should'nt be so big that she can urinate/deficate and yet avoid getting it all over herself.

    Start over from scratch as if she was a new puppy. Take her outside frequently and go out with her so you can praise her the second she finishes each time. Restrict her access and keep a very close eye on her whenver she has any freedom in the house. You can even tether her to you if need be.

    Natalie, CGC, TDI

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    First get a vet check for a urinary infection or something else.

    Is her crate too big and she can pee in one corner and sleep in another?

    When she is not in her crate I would attach a long (10') leash to her and attach the other end to you. This will keep her in your field of vision and she will be with you at all times. No sneaking off to the living room to pee. When you see her sniffing or squatting scoop her up and take her outside with "hurry up" "potty time", whatever you consistently use when you let her out as an indication that this is time to pee outside. Stand outside with her and give her lots of praise when she completes the act. Keep treats near the door. This is going to be a celebration like she won the lotto.

    At night I would cut off the water bowl about an hour or two before bedtime. Go outside with her and make sure she pees before bed.
    Telling her "no" more than 3 seconds after she has done a bad thing is not going to help. It will only confuse her. When you find a puddle just clean it up without anything said. Otherwise you are just teaching her that she gets attention, although negative attention...she is looking for ANY attention, when she piddles and then you find it.

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    Well, here's my 2 cents, for what it's worth. I am still housetraining my puppy and learning every day. I find that taking her to her spot as much as possible is the key...give her many chances to be successful and rewarded. It is SUCH a pain to put on the boots and coat, get the leash and the clicker and the treats and tread out to the backyard, but I figure it will be worth it eventually. My husband thinks I'm crazy - going out, coming in, going out....

    Maybe try to get to her earlier in the morning. I was having the same problem for a few days and then set my alarm for an hour earlier. Also a big pain, but it worked.
    Just getting her out more will probably help. Don't wait. The other day I heard her wimpering, but was busy making coffee and talking on the know what happened.

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