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Thread: House training 6 year old toy poodle

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    House training 6 year old toy poodle

    As some of you may remember, we got another toy poodle after our other one died. This one came from a breeder who was using her for breeding purpose. she is about 6 years old and about 6 lbs. I think she was most likely kept in a kennel cage and that's where she peed and pooped. Now, I can't get her to stop peeing in the house. I can usually tell when she has to go as she starts wandering around sniffing. However, sometimes she just stops and pees. She will pee when I take her out. She's even peed on the bed a couple of times at night. Should I crate her at night? What size crate? What else can I do? I'm almost at my wits end. I do praise her when she goes pee outside.


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    i have a puppy mill breeder rescue that i have had for almost 2 months she to was always in a cage peed and poo in cage it is very hard to train they dogs my izzy is getting better but like yours she sometimes just dont get it when she is in crate she is better you may never get them to be 100 % these dogs never knew what it was to bond or be trained to do any thing we have come a long way be are a long way off yet yours is a breeder or puppymill breeder too they were just used to make money did any one tell you this was going to be hard work and take a lot of time i knew this going into it

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    house training 6 yr old poodle

    I too have a previous rescue who isn't house broken. Initially, whenever she stirred we headed outside on a lease. She needed me with her for security. Because she is fairly regular with bowel elimination we catch that consistently by scheduling a walk about an hour after her meals.

    When ever she urinated outside, as someone else says "throw a party". After she started uriniating outside, I decreased frequency to every two hours. We started this Jan 4. As soon as she started urinating within a minute or two of being out, I decreased the frequency to every three hours.

    She still has not learned that it is not OK to urinate in the house, but the last two times she wet it has been near a door. She has had several completely accident free days.

    I do not crate her unless I know I can't stick to the schedule. Today for the first time, I turned her out without the lease, and just stood still in the yard. When she was done she headed back up on the deck.

    It is really a baby step procedure. She has so many other trust issues, and has not been treated kindly. It helps I think because I have another dog, and she has overcome so much of her fear, because of him.

    Take it slow and be consistent--it seemed like all I did for four weeks was go out into the sleet, snow and cold to take her out but it is paying off.

    Good luck. Virginia

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