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Thread: Barking schnauzer!! HELP

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    Barking schnauzer!! HELP


    I have a four year old miniature schnauzer called Lula. He loves barking to any noise he hears on the street... anything he barks like crazy.

    I have a 11 month old baby girl. The dog and my baby get along very well. Lula is very nice to the baby. I know Lula will be good with kids.

    I really want to open a home daycare but I cant because the parents get scared with a barking dog.

    Lula also jumps and barks when the door bell rings... I can't control him, greet the parents and take care of the child the parent is leaving with me.. plus my own baby. It is crazy!

    Any help??

    I have tried to use the collar that sprays water... but it does not work!!!

    Please advise!!!!


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    Re: Barking schnauzer!! HELP

    I have 2 Mini Schnauzers but they are not what I'd call barkers. They will sit at the sliding glass door and bark if they see a squirrel. When people come to the door they get excited,but don't really bark. I think you are going to have to get some help and de-sensitized them to the doorbell. Get someone to come to the door ring bell and step in asap and cut him off with the barking and going to the door. Do it over and over till the doorbell doesn't start the barking. I did something similar, when I leave they were getting upset. So I would go out for a couple of minutes and come back in. Repeated this about 10 times every time I left. Over a couple of weeks they started not getting so upset when I leave. Everything takes more time than you think, David

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    Re: Barking schnauzer!! HELP

    Hi Lula!!
    I emphathize completely with your situation. I have a 7 yr old standard schnauzer who I love completely. Cagney does her job- protects her territory by barking. She is not an aggressive dog, just sounds scary so when people come to the front door they think she is nasty (not true...just is telling them off). Over the years I have tried so many things unsuccessfully. The only thing that I think might work would be to get a behavioural therapist to work with her at home at the front door. She is wary of strangers despite all socialization- everything is on her terms ie they are not to go to her to touch her- she decides when they aren't a threat and goes to see them when shes ready.
    I have found that if I know someone is coming over, I remove her from the area so she doesn't have to protect her territory. I either put her in the garage or in the back yard. I always catch the door before the doorbell gets rung or they knock on the door. Once a guest is in, I let her out and she runs to them without barking and just wants to smell them. IT IS THE FRONT DOOR PHENONEMON!!!

    I would get professional training sessions at home to try to deprogram your dog from this behaviour. Not easy but I have heard it can be done. You are right re the daycare idea- work needs to be done re barking/protect terriory/stranger/kid stuff.

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