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Thread: how to get my dog to stop peeing in the house

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    Unhappy how to get my dog to stop peeing in the house

    I have a 2 year okd male chahuahua and he seems to want to pee in the house when I'm not looking I know he knows better but what can I use to get rid of the urine smell untill I break him of this habbit he has seemed to get back into again?

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    Nothing will completely get rid of the smell 100% but there are products that can get rid of the scent enough to the point were the dog cant regonize it.... i cant remember what this one product was called it was some thing like enzme idk something like that but if you go to a local pet store or look on the internet there is bound to be some thing that will break the smell down
    hope i helped in any way!
    *<tIpPy Is ThE bEsT>*

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    Nature's Miracle, Anti Icky Poo, and Simple Solution are a few good odor removers.

    Is the dog neutered?

    Natalie, CGC, TDI

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