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Thread: Help with Barking Dog

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    Help with Barking Dog

    I was wondering what is everyone experience with getting a dog to stop barking while outside. She never barks when she is inside. Right now I have been bringing her inside anytime she starts to bark (she doesn't want to come in) at something but it doesn't seem to be helping any.

    Any advice is appreciated.


    And here is the culprit.

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    Re: Help with Barking Dog

    How old is she? When is she barking - day or night? Do you look to see what she is barking at?
    Is it butterflys, squirrels, leaves, other dogs, the post man?
    If you can be near her when she starts barking, you can train the quite command. Say "quiet" and give high value treats when she stops barking.

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    Re: Help with Barking Dog

    don't leave her outside by herself. easy. dog wants company. So go outside with her. CUTE dog!

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    Re: Help with Barking Dog

    How often and for how long are you walking her? Excess energy or boredom will make a dog more reactive. Walk her briskly twice a day for about 45 min each time. Not a stop/meander/sniff type walk, but a brisk walk. (Let her sniff at first, to go potty, and take a break about half way thru to sniff, then continue briskly walking). She will be much better behaved in a couple of days, as long as you continue this program.
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    Re: Help with Barking Dog

    I had the same issue with my two basset hounds. My vet suggested two options:
    1) bark control collar- only in extreme cases. i.e. neighbours are complaining.
    2) Exercise- i take my two dogs for a walk every day so they are always stimulated and get used to people and other dogs.

    im glad to say i now have two very quiet and happy dogs....

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