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Thread: Training (preferably clicker) ideas for my scottie?

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    Training (preferably clicker) ideas for my scottie?

    I've had my 10 month old Scottie, Finn, for 2 months now. In those two months he's developed an adamant bark whenever men, specifically my dad or boyfriend, are nearby. This barking hasn't really improved at all and he still seems to feel threatened by people who are not me or my mother. We've tried giving him good treats while the trigger is nearby, but this really hasn't accomplished anything. Any ideas as to what I can be doing to remedy this? He wasn't socialized very well at the breeder's, so I'm assuming that's why he's having such a hard time now. I just picked up a couple of clickers yesterday because I want to start clicker training with him, so if there's a solution involving those, that would be great as well.

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    Re: Training (preferably clicker) ideas for my scottie?

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    Re: Training (preferably clicker) ideas for my scottie?

    Without even looking at the above videos I see the look at that game. That's the direction you need to go and get in a remedial socializing plan QUICKLY start like it is day one with a new puppy !

    Obedience ALL over in different places not just home! And keep dog under threshold so it doesn't react whatever the distance is can be 50 yards or 100 !

    Good luck very nice that you are searching for help for your little one....

    On that note trainers call this a reactive dog on leash when your outside and dog lunges and barks at any stimuli!

    PLEASE PLEASE for all the people that have a reactive dog DO NOT be embarrassed at any time it is not your fault and do listen to people that say dog is spoiled and show him who is boss.... It is most likely form lack of socializing or fear. So PLEASE do not feel embarrassed..... People that know dogs UNDERSTAND what it is

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