Puppy cries in crate.
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Thread: Puppy cries in crate.

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    Puppy cries in crate.

    My new puppy, Max;12 weeks; Shih Tzu, cries every time we put him in his crate when we go to bed. Do you just leave him in there? We have to put him in his crate because he is not house or potty trained. The breeder we bought him from had him go to the bathroom on a towel and he is not potty trained at all. We have this system called the bell system and we want him to learn that when he has to go potty he rings the bell. We do know someone who is successful with this method.When ever he goes to the bathroom in the house we scold him, make him ring the bell, and go outside, so he learns. Is that a good way to train him?

    When Max cries in his crate it is one of the most painful things ever. Are you supposed to just leave him in there and not give him any attention so that he thinks that he has to stay there and no matter how much he tries he wont be able to get out until he is potty and house trained? I'm also worried because sometimes when he poops, there is blood. Plus he also itches himself. And is it normal for dogs to hate their leash at first? He also loves to sleep during the day and play at night. Is that bad?

    Please help me.
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    Re: Puppy cries in crate.

    This is just a short account of what I see.

    Scolding your puppy because it pees is going to make it afraid to pee in front of you. You need to take it to the bathroom outside before it has a chance to go in its crate. Then you praise the pup outside when it goes.

    You should be cleaning where it pees and poops with an enzyme cleaner to remove the urine smell and feces smell. If you do not ... it will go in the same place over and over again.

    A crate is supposed to be a fun place. You should have safe toys in there. You can feed your pup in there. You can give the pup water in there. They do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep and eat if you crate train properly.

    You do not just leave the pup in the crate and not pay attention to it. The pup will feel like the crate is a bad place. Allow your pup out of the crate when you can watch it and take it to the bathroom very often ... after it plays and eats and drinks and in between. Do not make it live in the crate indefinitely.... or you will have a problem on your hands big time.

    If your pup has blood in it's poop ... take it to the vet. If it is itching it could be an allergy to almost anything. A vet check should be in order.

    Also there are many sticky's on the forums you can read on how to crate train and potty train.

    Others will surely come along and explain in more detail .....as I am not a vet or a certified trainer .... just someone who has had dogs for over 41 years.

    good luck!

    ~While you were busy judging others your closet door came open and a lot of skeletons fell out.~

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    Re: Puppy cries in crate.

    Perhaps the puppy is upset because blood in the stool is a major indicator of something being unwell...

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    Re: Puppy cries in crate.

    How long have you had your puppy? Have you taken him to the vet since you've gotten him? Please make a vet appointment to get a check up and start vaccinations.

    As for the crying in the crate I am usually a big fan of introducing the crate slowly and making the crate a happy and cozy place. But, that's during the day. At mightiness it's different. You have to ignore the crying at night because you don't really have other options. You have to crate at night so the puppy doesn't roam the house, get into trouble, and have accidents.

    To help, you can go for a walk before be to tire the puppy out. You can also cover the crate. And, is the crate in your bedroom? Putting the crate in your room can help. Sometimes just being able to see, hear, and smell you can help quiet a puppy.

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