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Thread: Dog Urination Problem

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    Question Dog Urination Problem

    I have 2 males and 1 female. The 2 males are almost 2 years old(none of them have been fixed) and wont stop urinating on the furniture. I've tried rubbing their nose in it and putting them outside but it doesn't work. Advise Please

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    Re: Dog Urination Problem

    Rubbing the dog's nose in its excrement is absolutely not the way to train a dog not to pee there. That is almost human psychology, not that you would do that to a child, but an animal is not going to understand that you don't want it to pee somewhere by making its nose touch its pee. It probably just thinks you want it to smell it.

    Do not allow them to be near or on the furniture. Period. You need to begin to supervise them at all times when they have just had something to drink. You could even remove water from inside the house and let them outside more often to drink if they have to, so that you can more easily control when they drink and then when they have to pee. If you step out of the room and the dogs had a drink of water 20 minutes ago without you knowing, they could easily pee within that time. You need to be proactive and think ahead.

    You'll have to either remove the variables that cause the problem OR become very adamant about being calm and firm when the dogs show signs of wanting to pee indoors. When they do, immediately snap your fingers, clap, or whatever to get their attention, followed by a firm, "NO." You can put them outside if you need to. You have to be VERY consistent; otherwise, the dogs will think that, eventually, they'll be able to pee there without you seeing, and male dogs seem to be very good for always doing something they're not supposed to do.

    I would recommend going to the humane society spay/neuter clinic (it's much cheaper there than a regular vet) and getting them neutered. They will just overall be easier to handle and train.

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    Re: Dog Urination Problem

    By rubbing your dogs noses in their urine, you are teaching them that you are crazy. Literally. Imagine if someone did that to you.... They do not associate having their noses pressed into the carpet with urinating. They associate having their noses pressed into the carpet with you and urine. So even if another dog peed in your house, I would be willing to bet your dogs would start getting scared because they know that you + presence of urine = nose in ground.

    Start a strict 'going out schedule'. Every two hours on the dot. Praise them lavishly for going outside. If they do go inside, AND YOU DON'T SEE IT HAPPENING IT IS TOO LATE. Clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner and move on. If you do see it happening, clap your hands or shake a jar of pennies to stop the behavior, then take them outside. If they go outside, praise praise praise.

    You may also want to try tethering. When you can't tether or supervise, the dogs need to be crated or confined in some way.

    Non-sterilized dogs and dogs who were neutered late in life have a higher tendency is excessively mark. By neutering your dogs, you will be doing them and yourself a huge favor. The benefits of neutering are plastered all over the internet and I suggest you research. Also, having 2 males with 1 female, all not sterilized is asking for trouble. I would not be surprised if you started seeing male/male aggression as well.

    They are likely 'marking'. Sterilizing will help, and training as well. You can also try using a Belly Band; I've heard of people having success with them, I've just never used one myself.

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