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Thread: New "agility classes" thread

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    Re: New "agility classes" thread

    Quote Originally Posted by cookieface View Post
    My dog barks in every class if she's not working and the crate has been a miracle. I'm not sure why it would take more time to crate (and your class isn't that big - we started with eight in class). When the working team is almost finished, the next team gets ready to go into the ring.

    I'd still try to work on it with your instructor. I'm curious - why a martingale instead of a harness? You might look into something like Karen Overall's relaxation protocol or Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out.
    You know, that's a good question. I guess I just assumed that it would take longer to put a dog into a crate and take it out between short exercises like we're doing. Maybe it wouldn't.

    I have no idea why she recommended the martingale, except that I said he'd back out of his flat collar. His flat collar is too big for him in general, so that's why. A properly fitting flat collar would probably have the same effect as a martingale for her purposes. He did a little bit of pulling the first time we were going through the cavalettis and the instructor was standing at the end of them with a treat (he did NOT need extra incentive, haha), but once she stood to the side of them instead he was fine and focused on me instead. He actually does a great job of LLW on his Julius-K9 harness when we're in the manners class or out in the park, on the trails, or walking around our neighborhood so I don't perceive pulling as a big issue. I'll read some of the relaxation protocols. Admittedly, I asked for a possible agility prospect from my breeder's litter and she gave me the most confident, active and pushy pup out of the litter, so I should have been prepared to need that kind of stuff.

    As far as this particular instructor, she had to be kind of hands-on and coaxing with some of the other dogs so I definitely think that had him a little more amped up, since she kind of treated him like that until she realized that he did not need coaxing.

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and advice. I've read a good amount of this thread and think you've all done so well with your pups. I look forward to having somewhere to talk about our progress, too.
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    Re: New "agility classes" thread

    I bought a teeter!

    It's a used one with a hinge that needs to be fixed but it only cost me $50 and it's ALL MINE! <3

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