Hi all

So as I stated before we got a new dog this weekend on father's day. Originally we thought he was the same age as Aggie but he went to the vet yesterday and the vet says anywhere between 9 to 13 months. He thinks 9 based on teeth and testicles. (Can you figure out human men's age the same way? LOL). We also found out that he has a mild case of mange (no big deal in this house w/ Aggie's skin problems and our last lab getting mange as an older dog I'm a pro at giving meds lol) and rickets. This makes sense to me since he was taken in by the foster as a stray having been dumped very soon after birth from what the foster could tell. They were feeding him kibbles and bits and we flat out cold changed that to Taste of the Wild because it was giving him horrible diarrhea (the foster said it had been for a while but was all she could afford bless her heart.). I figured if I was going to deal with runny poop might as well be from a good food vs a bad one. I've never had a dog with rickets before, he's on tums every day for it for the next month or so along w/ his mange meds. That all being said he's also only about 45lbs (if that) and I can feel/see his spine and ribs. We definitely want to put some weight on him (based on his paws I think he probably will be about Aggie's size, 60ish lbs). It's been 16 years since I had a boy dog so I'm not sure how much more they eat (since obviously I wasn't feeding our last boy dog at age 5 lol) or how much more we should be giving him since he's underweight. Add on top of that rickets and I don't want him to gain weight too quickly I would think with his bones being a little brittle. Does any one have any advice? Currently he's eating the same as Aggie 1 cup in the AM and 2 cups in the PM, but she's a light eater and doesn't rush the food bowl or anything (it's making feeding a challenge) vs him who eats at a good pace (not scarfing but not wandering away either). I'm already going to separate them for food time (not because Aggie cares at all when he eats her food, but because SHE needs to eat her food lol) starting with dinner tonight, so should I give him extra? Should I just monitor him now and see if he starts gaining? Should I add wet food into his dry? I keep TOTW wet on hand because baking it makes delicious treats. When Aggie was so little just putting her on TOTW had her gaining weight but since he's a boy, and they are very active (two walks a day and lots of playing outside, LOVE having him, Aggie has been a great role model and perfect dog since he arrived because she's too tired to misbehave! lol) I'm not sure if I need to increase his food. Any other advice on dealing with mange and rickets I'm all ears!