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Thread: Melatonin question

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    Melatonin question

    My female dog is about 2.5 years old and weighs about 50 pounds and sometimes we have to go on trips, so we leave our dog with my family, which she has separation anxiety and I read that some people give their dogs melatonin for seperation axiety and I was wondering the dosage?

    I just read this link

    I was thinking about having the family only give her 3mg every night, even though it seems like from what I read melatonin won't help with sleeping, but only stress/anxiety issues.

    Just trying to get some feedback

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    Re: Melatonin question

    Dosage per my vet is 1 mg per 20 lbs of dog, not to exceed 3 mg. (6 mg for Giant breeds). Be aware Melatonin comes in both 1mg and 3 mg tablets.

    It does help with anxiety and can help her sleep. (It's actually marketed as a sleep aid for people, since the body normally produces Melatonin, which regulates sleep.). Will not work if given when the dog is already worked up/anxious. Should not be given to dogs with medical problems. Check with your vet before giving it (phone call is free).

    What will help even more, is being walked briskly for about 40 min in the am and pm, and a little training each day, to mentally tire her out. That relieves excess energy, which can reduce anxiety. Leave a Tee shirt that you've been wearing, that is unwashed, in her bed, so she will feel comforted by your scent.

    Make sure you leave a collar w/id tags with 2 local phone #'s for her to wear while you are gone. Many times, cell phones won't get reception when you are traveling. Having other ph #'s is important. And often, dogs will bolt out doors when in an unfamiliar environment. The collar and tags will help get her back, if that happened. In addition, when attaching a leash, attach to a different collar/harness than the one with the tags, so if she slips the collar, they aren't left holding a leash attached to the collar with the id tags.
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