favoring left front paw and limping
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Thread: favoring left front paw and limping

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    favoring left front paw and limping

    just wanted to get your opinion on this.

    ok so molly sleeps in our room on our bed with us at night. last night was the usual routine. I got up at 3:30am to go to the bathroom, Molly always follows me when i get up. nothing out of the norm...we then went back to bed. I got back up at 8am and when Molly got up she was favoring her left front paw. i didn't think anything of it at first until i picked her up and set her on the floor and noticed she was limping so i took her to the living room grabbed my husbands small flash light and checked her paw for obvious cuts or anything stuck in her pads or between her nails...nothing..no blood or anything..i then palpated her paw and i couldn't feel anything out of the ordinary...i don't see any obvious swelling either. she never yelped out in any pain either.

    i took her outside to potty and as usual i carried her out..today its 20-30 below with wind chills...set her down and she pee'd as usual...while doing that she wasnt favoring her paw at all and she was walking normal. once i figured she was done..i picked her back up and carried her back inside. after a few minutes she was favoring her paw again and limping.

    it sounds like a minor sprain...which i looked up online and said generally they resolve within 48 hours. my husband knows more about this type of thing then i do, so when he gets home from work i will have him check her paw as well.

    does it sound like a minor sprain??

    we will watch her for 48 hours and see if it goes away. if not we will be making a trip to the vet.


    molly was sleeping on the couch...she just woke up..stretched both front paws...jumped down off the couch..went to grab her rawhide chew toy and came back...........no limping at all!!!!!!! and not favoring her left paw at all now either! YAYS!!!!!!!!

    i will still monitor her though...but looking like she is fine and no vet trip needed
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