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Thread: demodex mange hair regrowth

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    demodex mange hair regrowth

    I haver a puppy that had generalized demodex mange that was a battle to treat. Between ivomec, sulfur/neem baths, and vitamins and maybe her age we finally came back with negative skin scrapping multiple times. Of course they say as the dogs immune system matures that their immune system will fight the mange. Well she just turned 1 year old, which is about the age that almost everybody says it goes away.

    Well it's been at least 3 months since she's had any ivermectin, besides her hearworm medication. She has zero signs of mange.......except the hair on her face hasn't grown back. It's slightly pink, but that's about it.

    My question is will her hair eventually grow back or is it possible that her hair will never grow back? I've been trying to research online and have been finding mixed things. My vet said that her skin may not return, especially the black mange areas, but that the hair will grow back.

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    Re: demodex mange hair regrowth

    My dog suffered from generalized demodex for many months. He remained hairless for a few months afterward, but it did eventually grow back. He does have one patch on his chest that has remained hairless (this was the worst spot on his body).

    It varies for each dog. I guess it depends on how badly the hair follicles were damaged.

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    Re: demodex mange hair regrowth

    calamine lotion is an inexpensive remedy that they actually use with burn victims to help them heal, it might be worth a shot. also a VERY diluted spray with tea tree oil may work (1 drop in 2 cups of water). my dog had a staph infection all over his body that the medications from the vet didn't touch, but a few days with the tea tree oil it was totally gone.
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