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Thread: Dog losing "voice''..sounding hoarse

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    Question Dog losing "voice''..sounding hoarse

    Shugs has lost her bark...Sounds real muffled and raspy. Seems to be swallowing/ licking every once in a while like she has a hair or something in her throat. Other than that she is acting fine. Playing and eating well. I think she might have eaten a plastic milk cap yesterday, I'm not sure. Anyone else ever have their pooch lose there bark like this?

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    Re: Dog losing "voice''..sounding hoarse

    My god forsaken neighbor's lab across the street. All that sucker does is BARK! He is hoarse as it comes. sounds like he'd been debarked but nope just damaged vocal cords from too much barking. I also had a lab that in his older years (past 11 lived to 16) lost his bark too but his was age related and not because he was an excessive barker. I would make certain taht your pup didn't eat that milk cap. IF she swallowed it whole that could be causing a partial esophageal blockage. or of it went down in chips she could have a shard stuck somewhere in her trachea.

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