Just curious if anyone else's dog has had this problem. Our 13 year old cockapoo dog woke up 3 days ago yelping with neck pain. We took her to the vet & they said the x-ray revealed cervical disc calcium mineralization and that's why her neck was hurting. They kept her for 2 days, gave her steroid shot then sent her home with crate rest, dexamethasone (steroid) pills. We don't let her walk around, we keep her in the crate until she eats & goes to the bathroom. When she puts her head down in her crate, she can only stay in that position for about 10 minutes, then goes into an attack. She starts yelping, curling up, tongue hanging out in extreme pain. I guess it's nerve pain because her left leg will curl up. She hasn't slept in days because she can't lay down. I put a small pillow in her crate to lay her head on but that hasn't helped. We called vet today & asked for muscle relaxer but that hasn't helped with the episodes. The vet doesn't seem concerned but we don't want the condition to get worse and end up having damage to her spine. Any suggestions at all. We hate to see our little dog in pain. Just wondering if any other owner's dogs out there have gone through these spasms & the vet not do anything about it. Thanks so much for any advice!