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Thread: Please help - dog heaving

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    Please help - dog heaving

    My little Min. Schnauzer just started throwing up today but I knew something was wrong all day. She had a minor poop accident in her crate in the morning and her poo was a little runny and a lighter color on the morning walk. Then this evening she went to go in the house, I caught and brought her outside where her poo was the same consistency (runny, shapped but not solid).

    Then this evening she has bee throwing up and has been dry heaving. She dry heaves and then spits up this phlegm/mucus substance.

    I recently just got really hot here and she hasn't been through heat like this before. Could it be too much heat exposure? Or did she just eat something she wasn't supposed to an is suffering the consequences. Thoughts?

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    Re: Please help - dog heaving

    You need to have her seen by a vet - he's the only one who can tell you if something is wrong.
    Repeated throwing up/diarrhea/etc can quickly result in dehydration though, so the sooner the issue is dealt with the better.

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    Re: Please help - dog heaving

    I agree - a visit to the vet right away is in order. Bring a poop sample so they can test it.

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