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Thread: Cost of Vet Housecall for Whelping?

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    Cost of Vet Housecall for Whelping?

    Hi everyone,

    Our Golden (carefully bred) is due in about a week and since this will be my first whelp, I want to have a vet on hand. I'll be calling mine (she's a bit far from my house...) and a couple of local vets tomorrow, just thought I'd ask if anyone can estimate what having the vet on hand would cost.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Cost of Vet Housecall for Whelping?

    Don't know how much it would cost to have a vet there at your home for the whelp, but keep in mind most dogs tend to whelp at the most inconvienent time (like 2-4am) so it will probably be quite expensive. Most breeders I know just have a local vet on call when their bitch begins to whelp and brings their dog in if she needs emergency vet care.

    Whichever option you decide to go with make sure the vet you choose is experienced with the birthing process and hasn't just read a book about it. Any knoweldgeable vet show know things never work out the way the book says it will.

    Also try to find some mentors in your breed or local breeders who are willing to asist you with the process or be there for immediate knowledgeable advice.

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    Re: Cost of Vet Housecall for Whelping?

    I agree with animal crackers. Also having your female x-rayed so you know how many puppies to expect would help. Is this the girl that is owned by your breeder? If so what are the breeders thoughts? Is she/he willing to be on call since this is your first whelp?
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