Flea infestation. What to do?
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Thread: Flea infestation. What to do?

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    Flea infestation. What to do?

    This is driving me - and my pets - crazy.
    When we moved in there were fleas. We treated the cats and got rid of most of them, but not all of them. After getting the dog, they got worse. Partially because she goes outside and that's where they're coming from.

    I have the inkling that all the places where we are are infested. It was horrible when we first moved in and the cats were flea free before then. It's been a losing battle. Now that it's warm, they're multiplying rapidly.

    We've been using diatomaceous earth on the pets, under coushions, on the floors and outside, and it works for a bit, then a few days later they multiple even worse. We've also started flea combing everryone.

    We're trying to avoid chemicals, partially due to cost (money is extremely tight this month, though should be much better next month when I get a job) and due to the older two cats. They've had reactions to vet flea meds before and with their age I don't want to risk it. One hasn't been at 100% health as of late, possibly due to the fleas or due to her age, so I don't want to use anything on her that could make it worse. It's mostly just a bit of energy loss; she's still eating, just sleeping more than usual.

    So my question is.. what can we do? Should we give in and just use chemicals on them and watch them real close? Should we try something else natural? Are we doing something wrong with the earth stuff?

    i'm at a complete loss. I've never dealt with an infestation this bad before, and we've had some pretty nasty flea problems in the past. I know there's mice, rats, raccoons and an outside cat that all have fleas (and the cat has worms, another thing we have to treat our pets for now -_-) that hang around outside. Dandi's awful when she comes back inside from walks or potty time.

    At this point I'm tempted to just move when we have the money. But I don't know when that's going to be an option.

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    Re: Flea infestation. What to do?

    We had to treat our yard to get rid of fleas. I didn't want to, but we had to. We used Borax on the carpets, vaccumed like crazy, scrubbed the dogs/cats really good with Dawn, started adding Apple Cider Vinegar to their water, took away all dog bedding, threw all of our bedding in the dryer at least once a day, and we use Advantage. It's been crazy this year. Things have gotten much better since we started all of this though.

    I think if the flea infestation is as bad as you say it is, you might want to move on to chemicals.

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    Re: Flea infestation. What to do?

    Vaccumming regularly helps a great deal. Fleas will wait in the carpet until they sense that someone is near and then jump on. The diatomaceous earth will help in killing the ones in the carpet but does nothing for ones coming into the house most likely already on your pets.

    I do believe you can by beneficial nematodes that you put in the soil around your house, these will supposedly take care of flea larvae that are in the soil.

    I know what you mean about trying to avoid chemicals if at all possible. Many dog owners feed their dogs a little bit of garlic to their dogs to get rid of blood sucking parasites. You'd have to feed very little of it and see if it works or if your dog has any adverse effects. Holistics vets (not regular ones) might be of some help with natural treatments too.

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