I have a Toy Poodle who is now 9 months old. When she was seven months old she jumped over 2 small steps in our house and landed the wrong way and broke her front left leg - both bones. I took her to a vet specialist and she had surgery where he put a plate and 8 pins in. She is now 7 weeks post surgery and according to the specialist basically fully recovered. I asked the following questions of the surgeon and he tells me life will now go on as normal for her. My first question was - does the plate and pins cause any issues down the road and my second question was how strong is the front leg that was broken - good as the original or not. Does anyone have any long term recovery experience with a dog that has a plate and pins in it and what have they found. I asked our regular vets too and they just keep saying she is as good as new but someone else - a non vet - said the plate / pins can actually make the leg more suspectible to problems down the road.