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Thread: French Bulldog X Bad Smell

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    French Bulldog X Bad Smell

    Hello all; I am new in the forum, and about to get a Frenchie puppy, I have owned dogs before, but never a pure bread one;

    I have read a lot about French Bulldogs, and I believe one will fill completely the requests that I need for a dog, as I spend the day away working and just come back home around 6pm, so I don't have much time for exercise with a dog, and I live in an apartment; So a small Frenchie that requires little exercise will fit me perfectly;

    My main concern about it, is that I've heard that French Bulldogs have a strong tendency to have bad smell; I would like to ask for those who have Frenchies and have experience about this, what would you tell me about it?

    Does Frenchies have a bad smell naturally or it just occurs if any skin issue, or stomach infection for example?

    Thank you very much in advance for any replies;

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    Re: French Bulldog X Bad Smell

    None of the frenchies I've spent time with have had a particularly offensive odour... or a noticeable one at all for that matter!
    Like so many other brachy breeds though, they do tend to fart and burp a lot.

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    Re: French Bulldog X Bad Smell

    Any dog can smell from having anal sacs that are leaking because they aren't functioning properly or having skin infections or rotted or dirty teeth or the gastric issues mentioned above.

    Frenchies have folds on their muzzles that can be dirty and get smelly, you would clean the wrinkles when needed and get medication from the vet if they get infected. With the cute smooshy face the teeth can be misaligned which makes it easy for teeth to get dirty and dirty teeth go rotten and rotten teeth smell. Daily tooth brushing can help a lot here. I don't know if they are more prone to having trouble with anal sacs than other breeds. Since they can naturally have no tail it's possible other bits of the anatomy back there are affected. You would be checking the area and learning how to take care of the problem if it does happen. My dog with the issue was fine once I found a food that worked. Expressing her sacs before the diet change made her more comfortable but she still smelled bad until the food issue was resolved. If your Frenchie has some malformation there and that's why the sacs cannot be emptied correctly even finding the perfect food might not help.

    If those issues occur and you cannot take them to the vet or change food or wipe them when needed they will smell.
    Do some research into general health as well how smelly or not smelly they might be. Find out how much dentals cost in your area in case you need a dental every year, they can be very expensive. Most dogs cannot tolerate dentals when awake and the anesthesia and blood panel that may need to be taken before the procedure can cost a lot.

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