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Thread: Canine vestubular disease how to get my dog to eat?

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    Canine vestubular disease how to get my dog to eat?

    Hey so my dog has canine vestubular disease and its the 3rd day since its afflicted her and she just won't eat. I know that they wont have an appetite during this but she has to eat somthing. I also got some antibiotics from my vet to give to her but she refuses to eat so i can't feed it to her and forcing the pill won't work anyone have any suggestions how to feed her the medicine and food?

    She is drinking bits of water out of my hand though


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    Re: Canine vestubular disease how to get my dog to eat?

    I'm not sure why you have antibiotics. Is it for another problem? Vestibular disease is not treatable with antibiotics unless it was miss-diagnosed as an ear infection. Otherwise the dog can be treated with medication (not antibiotics) to help control the dizziness.

    As for the eating, how old is your dog. Vestibular disease usually affects older dogs, and not to sound harsh, but maybe this is your dogs way of saying she's tired.

    When a dog is suffering from this disease it is important to control the dogs ability to roam. In serious conditions it is advised to always walk the dog on a leash, even indoors. And remain calm and quiet at all times for the dogs sake, so as not to confuse him.

    It sounds like the dog is in a serious case if it has lost all peripheral vision, and lost his ability to control his movements, more importantly if he can focus long enough to eat.

    i hope that helps a little. Good luck.

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    Re: Canine vestubular disease how to get my dog to eat?

    I am obviously not a dog. I do however have experience with vestibular issues. I suffered a stroke in May. It left me with major vestibular problems. I didn't want to eat either. The dizziness made my stomach swim like I was going in circles on an amusement park ride that wouldn't stop. Along with the dizziness you get really wacky vision. Everything is blurry and appears to be moving. The only thing that helps at all for me is motion sickness meds. They don't completely stop the dizziness but they do lessen it enough to be able to eat. I wonder if your vet could prescribe something similar for your dog.

    I would also want to know why the dog was prescribed antibiotics. I don't see where that would help much unless there is something else going on.

    The vet should be able to advise you on how to get the medicine into the dog if she won't cooperate.

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