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Thread: sudden limping?

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    sudden limping?

    The past few days my 5 year old pekingese has been limping on his front leg.
    I touched it and it seems warm compared to his other arm.
    I got really paranoid thinking maybe he has lyme disease, but i read all the symptoms and aside from the limping he has no other signs.
    He is eating like a maniac, begging for food, playing with toys, and he actually can run without the limp (kinda odd i know lol)
    I thought maybe its a sympathy attention limp because our chihuahua just got neutered the other day and coincedently thats when the peke started to limp, could it be an attention thing? or am i giving a dog way too much credit?

    It is really cold out, and he does lay on our deck for a few minutes before i call him in, could it be arthritis?
    I can touch him all over and he doesnt flinch. I checked the pads of his feet and nothing, although he has been a chewer of his own feet for years now, but his foot doesnt appear to be inflamed, he does have alot of hair though. I mushed his foot a little to see if he felt any pain and nope he didnt flinch, he kinda liked it lol
    could it be something really bad? like lyme? lepto? parvo? distemper?
    The vet cost so much, just to walk in the door its 60 dollars, i'd like to wait a few days and see how he goes. Its kinda weird going to the vet when your dog is running and tossing toys in the air...but limping when walking...very odd

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    Re: sudden limping?

    Holly was limping a little once but everything else was fine. The big problem was when we would pick her up. She would squeal and whine and cry like we were killing her. We ended up rushing her to the vet and we found out she had a bruise on her rib. The vet said she may have gotten to close to our Aussie when they were playing and gotten stepped on.
    We never really figured out why she was limping other than the fact that she may have hurt her leg if she got stepped on.

    Anyways point is, you might find something you weren't expecting if you take him in.
    I'd take him in if he continues this or develops anything else. I know $60 is a lot, but you might want to ask about a payment plan or ask around at the other vets what their costs are.

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    Re: sudden limping?

    How are his nails? Long? Could some hair be trapped (tangled) in his nails?

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