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Thread: Dog not drinking enough

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    Question Dog not drinking enough

    OK, as posted in a previous thread, my baby has crystals in her urine. I started her on cranberry capsules Saturday. She is only going potty 2-3 times a day. She is not drinking enough water. She might drink water maybe 2x a day. So I have been giving her water with a horse syringe as much as possible.

    Is there anything organic that I can add to her water to get her to drink more often.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    Re: Dog not drinking enough

    my dogs have urinary issues and i get them to drink more water by using canned food with water added to it by me and/or adding a lot of water to dry food (make sure it's absorbed and also make sure you don't leave it out longer than a hour because some dry food will have mold spores on the surface- i usually let it soak ~20mins). so you can add water to her meals and then maybe add extra "meals" of mostly water and only a small amount of food.

    you can also try diluted no sodium chicken broth (no sodium because of the amount you want to be giving- very easy to make at home as well). or dilute some pedialyte. both of these can't be left out for long periods of time (obviously).

    also, i got a water fountain type water bowl and they both love that. something about moving/clean water is irresistible. water goes "stale" when left out (because of all the dust that lands on it etc) and they say it should be changed like three times daily (). one could not care less about it, but the other just won't drink old water.

    i would definitely be careful giving water via a syringe- i've seen many incidences of aspiration caused by inexperienced people using syringes to give water (not saying that you're inexperienced- just making sure we're on the same page)

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    Re: Dog not drinking enough

    My old girl doesn't like to drink water either. I like the moving water thing!

    I do the same as mylittlebecky, water in the food bowl. My dogs eat each meal as it comes, I don't ever have food sitting out. You could make broth from vegetable peelings, bones cooked or raw plus a bit of garlic to make it smell really good to us. Just barely cover the solids with water and simmer for an hour or so. I keep it in the freezer as ice cubes. If she would eat the ice cubes that would be a fun source of liquid as well. But she won't. Add broth to food, it cannot be left out safely.

    I clicker trained her for a long time. Now she startles at the sound of the clicker but she does respond to YES as a marker. I got out some dehydrated lamb lung and broke it into tiny bits. To the water pail and waited for her to look toward the pail, YES and I tossed a treat into the water. She grabbed it along with some water and the game was on. Not sure how much water she is taking in but at least I am not worrying about those few laps of water she takes in on her own. Any small treat that floats is fine, change the water after you play the game. I was hoping for her to figure out I wanted her to lap the water but all I get is a nose touch to the surface.

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