I recently posted about our new dog...8 mo boxer, Cheyanne. She got really sick last weekend and spent 3 nights at the vet. Her symptoms were short, labored breathing, non-stop drool, sneezing, coughing, vomiting up white foamy stuff, eye gook, and runny nose. Our vet thought she may have distemper and is still holding to that b/c of her nose running green. But she came home Wednesday. We have two different medications to give her along with her usual vitamins. She's eating like a champ, her poop is solid, her breathing is fine, her eye gook is gone, and she doesn't vomit or cough as much...only every once in a while. She is still sneezing a lot and her nose is till running green stuff. I have to wipe her nose like every 10 minutes. Other than that...she's happy, playful, etc. My husband and I don't think its distemper. We think she just caught a variety of stuff from the dogs at the shelter we adopted her from. She was near inemic (spelling?) when we got her so her immune system was probably crap. But what does everyone else think? I feel like if she truly had distemper, she would be more lethargic and all the other symptoms wouldn't just go away. I don't know. I just want her to be 100% better. For now, we're trying to keep her away from other dogs (since this stuff is contagious) and my husband still takes her to the vet where he works so someone is around if she gets really sick again. But the Doc won't let the other techs handle her if they're handling other dogs...so they don't transfer it...which is good. But I want concrete answers. I just don't have any.