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Thread: Senior Dog POOPING In House?

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    Senior Dog POOPING In House?

    I know whenever someone asks about a dog suddenly peeing in the house, we tell them it could potentially be an infection and send them to the vet, but what are people's experiences with dogs who suddenly begin pooping in the house?

    Bear will be nine-years-old in May, and he's been with us since he was a baby. He's always been a very soft, quiet dog. He'll never ask to go out the way Mozart will. He just holds it and holds it and hopes that someone thinks to ask if he wants to go out.

    Prior to this, he'd never had any accidents in the house but for one case where he was ill, but he's pooped in the house three times in the last two weeks (never peed.) The first two cases were in the afternoon, and the latest one was early this morning. All of them were in the living room.

    The poops have all been firm and normal and nothing about them makes me think that he is ill. I did recently change his food, but the first accident was prior to that, and his poops still look the same as they did then.

    It's not really a big deal, but I'm just trying to figure out of this is something medical or if he just can't hold it very long in his old age. I also wonder how much of it has to do with the puppy; he's fiercly jealous of the puppy and has picked up a few new nuisance behaviours in the last few months, presumably to try to keep any and all attention off the puppy and on himself.
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    Re: Senior Dog POOPING In House?

    A lot of times older dogs will start becoming a little arthritic, and have to strain to get up when laying down. Older dog's have looser muscle tone, which includes the sphincter. So sometimes when they strain to get up, poop will come out. Especially common on floors with a slick surface. Does he often lay in that room?
    Treating the arthritis can help. Doing a loading dose of Adequan (one shot every 4 days for a month, then redoing that in 6-12 months as needed) can be very effective with little to no side effects. Otherwise, treating with an NSAID like Previcox, Rimadyl, Etodolac can help.
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