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Thread: sick golden retriever - skin lesions

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    sick golden retriever - skin lesions

    Our golden retriever has multiple symptoms and has the vet baffled. Started with general stiffness, then had a ruptured oozing ear, matter in eyes, and then extreme weakness in back end, and eventually had very difficult time getting up off the floor. With help is able to stand up but walks very slowly to go outside. apetite is diminished but is drinking lots and lots of water. Today we noticed big red lesions all over his body. The lesions have a crusty scab on the top (almost like chicken pox) and they are moist underneath. He also has had a bad "Old dog" smell for a while, but it is worse now. He really is having a hard time getting up now. We had him to the vet today and he received a prednazone shot, and antibiotic shot, and prednazone pills. The vet took a biopsy of one of the lesions and has sent it away to University of Illinois to be analysed, also a blood profile was done and sent off. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I hope Im wrong, but this is just screaming cancer. We had a cat years ago with simalar symptoms, and it was diagonosed cancer.

    My thoughts are with you and your GR. I hope for the best!! Please keep us updated
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    I'm sorry your boy is so sick. Unfortunately, with the limited information, there are lots of different possiblitilies from cancer to fungal infections and even immune disease. The blood work and biopsy should be helpful. Hang in there.

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    im sorry you baby is sick i dont have any suggestions know that there are plenty of people here for you to talk too.

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