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Thread: Pink hair on dog

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    Pink hair on dog

    I have a border collie that is white on the sides and underneath. The hair on his belly is turning pink. Does anyone know about this and what is causing it. When my little poodle licks his paws a lot, I notice the hair on them turning pink but I have never seen any other dog do that until this happened to my border collie.

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    Senior Member all4thedogs's Avatar
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    This could either be dirt (Georgia clay turns my dogs pink), or she is licking her belly. Does she have allergies?
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    I've heard that sometimes your drinking water and the dogs natural chemistry of saliva has a tendency to discolor the hair. Are you on well water or city water. Have your water tested or else maybe trying some bottled water and see if that helps.

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    Senior Member ilovemychihuahua's Avatar
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    Well, what I would do is take him to a good vet.Like "all4dogs" said, is he/she sick?Or allergies?

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    Is she eating bones or treats with red coloring?? We used to get Scout these bones with red filling, and everything she licked for the next while was pink.

    Or, is she teething and maybe have a little blood on her gums?

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