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Thread: Prozac?

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    My 4 year old staffy bull had a major neurological incident that caused her to dislocate her neck about a month ago. The neck has been resolved, but her coordination/perception are still all screwed up. She has always been somewhat fearful and weird. Now, she is very discontent and terrified and reactive. It's been a month. She most likely is as good as she's going to be.

    Last night we decided, as a family, to euthanize because she is so miserable. However, someone suggested trying prozac. Her physical limitations aren't horrible if she can just calm down and accept them.

    Has anyone had any success with prozac? It would take about a month to know if it's going to work. I don't want to give up on the dog, but I don't want her to suffer needlessly either. Thoughts?

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    Re: Prozac?

    I asked my vet about the same thing, however I am trying something a little less serious first for my dog which is melatonin. (chemical in the brain which balances out the dopamine and serotonin so levels the dog out) its a natural chemical in the body so I thought i would try that first. Trying her this week so I will let you know how it goes. as I didnt really want to go to full on drugs yet.
    My old clinic that I worked at used to prescribe amytriptyline which clients have had some success in regarding behavioral and anxiety/ fear issues. You could also try clomicalm which is another drug prescribed to help anxiety and fear.
    You really have to work at getting the dosage right or the dog will just sleep and be drowsy but with a little tweaking these drugs can be an effective tool in your aresnal to help combat behavioral issues.
    All dogs are different so they will react differently to each drug and side effects will vary, however I would be more inclined to recommend amytrip. I have known dogs on clomicalm to develop slight aggression to dogs or they tend to snap a little faster when annoyed.(could be similar with amytrip but I haven't heard any stories as yet) These are just my experiences but I hope they give you some information your looking for! Not prozac but drugs which have similar purpose and use, so hope it helps!

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    Re: Prozac?

    Nash is on 40mg a day of generic prozac. For him it has helped so much with his issues. If the choices at this point are to try the drug or euthanize, what harm is it to just try it out? Give it a month or two (might need to play around with doses) and see if she improves. With Nash it takes the edge of his anxieties so he can actually enjoy life. I notice a big difference. He is still him, but he is able to deal now. Before the prozac the behavioral mod stuff just wasn't working, with the prozac he was able to chill enough to learn.

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    Re: Prozac?

    The Prozac usually will take a few weeks to start working.Honestly if my choice was euthanasia or using a drug, I'd choose the drug.

    My dog was on Prozac for a while. It was used along with behavior modification. My dog would refuse to walk, and previously the behavior mod was not working. She now walks. She still is reactive, but I have been able to manage with the help of a behaviorist and trainer.

    Personally I would see a specialist (behavorist/vet). There could be something medical going along associated with her neck injury. Good luck.

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    Re: Prozac?

    Is he on pain meds? Never underestimate the power of pain to change personality. I'm in chronic pain, have been for the last 10 years, and trust me, pain can make you angry, withdrawn, anxious and just generally miserable. Dogs don't necessarily display signs of pain, but then again, neither do I, it doesn't mean I'm not in pain.

    I would look into pain management first, and if that doesn't help, try the prozac. It's certainly better to try medication than to let a dog suffer.

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