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Thread: Urine

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    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about urine. I did a urinalysis on my pup because i recently switched her food and she is prone to utis i just wanted to make sure all was well with her ph and what not. I got the results back today and everything was great cept she had +1 protein in her urine....but her specific gravity was very high so her urine was very concentrated!! So i think because it was so concentrated that it is normal or not bad if there is a small amount of protein in her urine. I am a vet tech but have never come across this problem with my dog.....and I was not able to speak to the doctor that I work for today because it is her day off so I was just looking for advice and peace of mind until i speak to her tomorrow. Zoe is only 4 years old......and i am worried about renal failure (though I know im probably being silly because her sp was so high, and with renal failure her urine would be very dilute)

    One more question I was wondering how much water your doggies drink per day???

    Thanks guys....i know this is an in depth question and many not know much about it but i figured i give it a try!!

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    A 1+ protein in a concentrated urine sample is normal.

    An easy way to remember how much water a dog should drink in a day is one ounce per pound per day. Of course, this will vary based on activity, temperature, and the type of food.

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